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Government Annual Report on Religious Freedoms in Kosovo fairly concluded that 'there is a growing of hate language’, a conclusion that I am quite reserved about because on the ground reality speaks completely different.

In this report, surprisingly, my name is also curved referring to some media reports although not even a single word of mine is cited to prove the claim, i.e.

As much we can and as much as we know we do not go outside the rules of our religion even as a single hair.

Our faith is the most tolerant one, it is a religion that accepts different viewpoints and proclaims peace and tolerance among believers and people around the world.

I am not going to answer nor give them any hint because this is not my mission.

Regarding the claims that I "accused Catholic community for hatred against Muslims" I say with full conviction that I have never spoken against Catholics but I mentioned or paraphrased what they have stated against Muslims, either as individuals or bishops, as the case of the priest, Anton Kçira, who publicly expressed regret for not cutting and grinding of 1.9 million Albanian Muslims by Milosevic’s regime as they previously have done with Bosniak 'dogs', according to his vocabulary.

So I think the problem lies precisely in the fact that some of our media and portals, biased and subjective, to cover their failures or being in service of certain clans and patrons, endeavor to their utmost to transform Kosovo into an extreme society which knows nothing rather than atheism and anti-religiosity even to the highest extreme level possible.

Therefore, unable to stop the thrust of the growing number of Muslims in Kosova, the youth in particular, the media did not hesitate to invent successive charges, slander and lies, against the holders of the word "La ilaha illallah".

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I speak to my people, in my folk language with a simple language and articulation that simple masses could understand me.

And Allah will surely support those who support Him.

Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might."(Al-Hajj, 40) where among others I have stated that "war, , is permitted to protect shrines of different religions not only those of islam, and this leads to understand that in our faith there is a great tolerance toward other religions and how Islam gives other people the opportunity to practice their own religion.

Considering these findings do not really stand I will endeavor to answer these charges as follows: Firstly, I would like to mention some facts, not to defend myself, but rather for the sake of truth, and I say this by full conviction that initially our religion forbids us to spread hate speech.

Therefore, we try to maximally stick to religious norms according to the Quran and prophetic teachings.

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