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Oral History David Benge, born July 9, 1925 in Bialystok, Poland, describes his six siblings (none of whom survived the war); being a student in Wellington, New Zealand in 1935; apprenticing as a cabinet maker; joining the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) in 1943; being stationed on Bougainville Island (Papua New Guinea) in 1944; being discharged in 1945; moving to Melbourne, Australia in 1948; and getting married and having two children. George Julian Barany, born September 3, 1937 Budapest, Hungary, describes his parents; the German occupation; moving around to different houses under Swiss protection; being liberated by the Russians in 1945; going to Vienna, Austria in December 1956; immigrating to Australia in May 1957; going to Melbourne; living in East Paterson (Elmwood Park), NJ for a year (May 1966-February 1967); and getting married in 1945 and having one child.

Oral History Aron Nuhimovich Babuh, born May 13, 1927 in Vladimir-Volinsk (Volodymyr-Volyns'kyĭ), Ukraine, describes his parents and three siblings (none of whom survived); the Vladimir-Volinsk ghetto; being liberated by the Russian Army in June 1944; living in after the war; immigrating to Australia in December 1994; getting married twice after 1945; and having one son and one daughter.Oral History Kim Mordchelll, born September 5, 1924 in Grodno, Poland (Hrodna, Belarus), describes his father, who was a house painter and glazier and had difficulty finding work before the war; the Russian occupation of eastern Poland and his family’s financial condition improving; how there were fewer problems associated with antisemitism during this time; the German invasion and he and his brother having to report for forced labor; working in a mechanical shop repairing German military vehicles; the liquidation of the Grodno ghetto in January 1943; being deported with his family to Auschwitz concentration camp; being assigned to work in "Kanada," sorting the belongings confiscated from new arrivals; how this work allowed him to acquire additional food and clothing, which helped him survive; working in "Kanada" for about six months; being assigned to farm work outside the camp; working on the construction of the crematorium, where he assisted Russian POWs doing iron work; spending time in Gleiwitz concentration camp in Poland as well as a few other minor camps; being liberated in January 1945 after escaping while on death march to Blechhammer concentration camp; and immigrating to Australia in 1950.Oral History Edward Schreiber, born in 1934 in the town of Kumene, Czechoslovakia (now in Slovakia), describes his Orthodox family, including his parents and four siblings; how his father was a textile importer and wholesaler; his parents sending he and his younger sister to their grandmother in Hungary in 1943; the deportations beginning in Hungary and being sent with his sister back to their family; their father arranging hiding places in the vicinity of Bratislava, Slovakia for all seven members of the family; the entire family being betrayed and handed over to the Nazi authorities in December 1944; being sent to Auschwitz concentration camp along with his mother and siblings while his father was taken to a labor camp in Germany; being transported with his mother and his siblings to Theresienstadt concentration camp in the Czech Republic, where they survived the war; his father surviving and reuniting with the family in Bratislava; his father’s death in 1946 from the aftereffects of his labor camp experiences; his family’s move to Australia in 1952; and his regret that he never had a proper education.Oral History Benjamin Lewin, born in 1926 in Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary), Czech Republic, describes his father, who was a traveling salesman for a shoe manufacturer; his mother, who ran a kosher "Pensionat" (i.e.a small hotel), accommodating 50 guests; the increase in Nazism in 1936; his family moving to Aussig (Ústí nad Labem), Czech Republic; the German takeover of the Sudeten in 1938; his family moving to Prague, Czech Republic; the living conditions in Prague after the German invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1939 and being fraught with fear; his family manufacturing of electric kettles for export to Germany in conjunction with a workshop, which was formerly owned by his uncle and transferred to non-Jewish management; the Jewish life in Prague and his bar mitzvah; their manufacturing job lasting until May 1941 when they ran out of production materials; being provided food by Czech farmers; how the Czech police hated the Germans and behaved "decently"; the deportation of Prague Jews to Theresienstadt beginning in May-June 1941; the lists of the Jewish population that were drawn up by the Jewish administration and how call-ups for "resettlement" took place in alphabetical order; his family being sent to Theresienstadt in September 1941; working as an electrician in the camp; his mother being assigned to the kitchen, which helped him get extra rations; the poor conditions in the camp; he and his father being in a barracks with German Jews and his belief that they received preferential treatment; the well documented visit of the Swiss Red Cross officials and the sham perpetrated by the Germans; being taken with his father to Auschwitz during the summer of 1944; he and his father surviving the selection; being protected by a Kapo along with two other youths; being taken to Czechowice (Tschechowitz), where his father died; being marched to Obitz and then transported in open cattle cars to Buchenwald; how only 1,000 of the 7,000 people on the train survived; being liberated by the Russians; returning to Prague in August 1945; finding his mother and sister who were liberated in Theresienstadt; being called up for military service in the Czech Army; going to Belgium where he briefly attend school; his adjustment to life in Australia; and how he attributes his survival to youth.

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