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With tickets priced at a very reasonable 10 (for the main stage of the Academy), this is an opportunity not to be missed.Not only to see some of this region's giants of rock, but also to raise money for a very good cause, and to pay respect to a much-loved great entertainer.Well, they're getting back together and are now seeking a Paul Dianno style singer for their set which will feature the very first two Maiden albums.If you are interested, or you know someone who may fit the bill, then contact Riffs will always try and be as accurate and transparent with everything we do and to this end we have asked venues (and bands) to inform us of accurate start times at gigs - not a time they wish punters to arrive so they drink more and put more pennies in the till!!

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And who can forget their momentous gig at Stormin'?The BBC News Channel was set to talk to Chegwin's former colleague John Craven, but then cut to the weather instead. typical bbc keithchegwin rip,” posted one person on Twitter.A man's voice was then heard saying: “Too much smoking probably.” Some of the people watching went online to express their disgust at the blunder. Another tweeted: “Extremely ashamed at BBCNews BBCOne A tragic report that Keith Chegwin has sadly passed away from ongoing lung issues, only to hear a big gaffe as someone can be heard saying...”Too much smoking probably“ #Shame On You.” Another person complained that it was in “bad taste”.) arranged by Ambulance Service for local charities. , who unfortunately passed away in early October this year.After a wide range of good time's a Xmas Party. Known to his friends as Roddy B, this Brazilian born singer came to this country to follow his dream of performing in the UK.

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