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The Lord & Taylor building is going from gussets to gizmos.

In fact, We Work plans to turn the building into its headquarters.

becomes a symbol of economic lift-off you know something seismic is happening in America.

You know it too when Lord & Taylor, one of the country’s most storied department stores, sells its Manhattan flagship to a cocky startup company offering shared workspace to millennials. The “Retail Opportunity” posters inside the glass of our old supermarket are starting to fade. Since the start of this year, retailers have announced plans to close 6,700 shops across the country.

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But its owner, Hudson’s Bay Company of Canada, is dealing with the same pressures as everyone else: jobs and square-footage must go.We are in thrall of a world changing at lightning speed, thanks largely to that thing we once called the world wide web. “Alexa, write this column for me.” (If you haven’t asked Alexa or one of her competing voice-command friends into your home yet, you really should.) But some of the economic fallout from it we like much less. Same at the old Polo Ralph Lauren shop in the building works out of. They have names like Sears, JCPenney, Ann Taylor, Gap, Banana Republic, Gymboree and Staples.We worry, notably, about how online living – and shopping – has compounded the difficulties so many communities face keeping jobs nearby for the families that live in them. Shops like Sears and Macy’s are almost national institutions.She gets sloppy on that cock and before we know it she is on top taking it all into her wet trimmed pussy! Maya Morena - Extreme Sale Maya will do anything to sell this house that's been on the market for far too long.Jay gets her into all your favorite positions before ending this last show of the year giving Britney the facial she craves! Luckily the Madison's are looking, and Ryan likes what he sees!

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