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The language of the chants, almost impossible to transcribe, is full of repetitions, synonyms, figurative terms and metaphors.Performed in a leader/chorus style, the lead chanter, munhaw-e – often an elderly woman – recites an introductory line to set the tone, and then this is taken up by a chorus of women – the mun’abbuy – to the end of the phrase.

Cruising down Dubai creek is a novel experience, one which you cannot miss when in Dubai.Our company competency lies in designing the best services which is only for you.Agency ensures a vicarious experience of your desired trip before you experience it.With a beautiful mix of its Austronesian origins and the influences from Spanish, American, Chinese and Malay cuisine, Filipino food is an epic world to explore.For the first start right in Singapore, you can use our list of five best Filipino restaurants as a guideline to embark on your new culinary journey.

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