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El sol, en lugar de estar escondido tras los árboles, aparece superpuesto a ellos, acaparando toda la atención de la escena.

Se trata de un bosque durante el atardecer, pero con un elemento imprevisto que lo convierte en uno de los paisajes más surrealistas y provocativos del autor.We all think tons of split-second compliments each day, but since they don’t feel like the kind we’re used to, we don’t give them.Recognize the positive thoughts you think about others, and then . Getting a note is kind of like getting mail…it just feels good.” then you should add “please” and “thank you” to your words. It’s nice to receive routine gifts, like the ones we get for birthdays, but even more special than those are the gifts we give out of the blue, simply because something reminded another person of you.It’s a small token of gratitude for the things we do for each other everyday. Even something small like a sticker or postcard can go a long way when it’s etched with remnants of yourself or your interests. People help us everyday, but sometimes they don’t even realize they’re making a difference.

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