Cities with high interracial dating

Seattle is interesting, I haven't been but i'm sure you would do fine there as well.

Me and my boys have hooked up with women from all over the globe here.

San Francisco is expensive compared to other cities nationally. However, you get a lot of value for your money in terms of a great climate, natural scenery and outdoorsy activities, world class restaurants, arts, and shopping.

SF is a classic "second-tier" city as far as women are concerned.

It was so easy for a brother to crack into the high end world.

Places rarely charged covers, and if there was a cover, it was usually negligible.

Attitudes towards interracial marriage in the United States have changed over time. Census bureau made a fascinating series of maps to analyze the geography of interracial marriages.

Marriages between people of different races are becoming more common — in 2000, 7.4% of all marriages were between spouses of different races, whereas in 2010, that figure rose to 9.5%. (via Matthew Klein) Non-Hispanic White/Hispanic marriages are the most common type of interracial marriage in the United States, accounting for over a third of all interracial marriages: The final map shows the counties with the highest proportion of each of the interracial marriage categories above.

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I've always heard cities, like Minneapolis, Portland(OR), & Denver, as well as Seattle, San Francisco, & Phoenix were great places for interracial dating, let me know what you guys think & where have you guys had success in the U. SF is probably the most racially progressive city in the US, if not the world.However, the chicks there, of any race, aren't particularly attractive, so I wouldn't vouch for it on the quality tip. I haven't visited, but I got a solid white girl out there who desperately wants me to come see her.She does it all (clean, cooks, great sex) and is quite intelligent. I'd be interested in any intel one may have on Colorado, particularly Denver/Boulder.However, if you settle there and make moves on the social front, opportunities beneath the surface will begin to open up, and the rewards are satisfying.I had a good network when I moved out there and eventually got behind an upscale events promotion company that my friend founded.

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