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Each detected occurrence of the text under investigation is indicated by a “bubble” along the timeline.

The larger the bubble, the more the retrieved web page matches the text.

Rarely does anyone ask something with philosophical implications for government entities, namely “Is it our role to do this?

” As to Zero Based Budgeting, it doesn’t enter the mind of the dishonest politician. More is better because part—who knows, even 100 percent?

When activities—and therefore budgets—are examined in private and public organizations, what’s common is to begin with the current situations and debate if they should be maintained or increased.

So Brazil is a society in which bad decisions are made.

They reflect the interests of a group which should represent the Brazilian people, but doesn’t.

The Plagium Timeline tracks the usage of text over time.

This can be a useful tool for a quick glance at how often a text block in question is reused and propagated to different web publications.

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