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Is it just a random message you get when you go near it or is it for some sort of event which has passed? However, the hth adjustment difference for human is negated these days as weapons are a key note to the expansions beyond say 65 or so. But despite all that, if you help me I can give you a minor bit of [training]' You say 'training' Matrum Geerlok says 'The Circle of the Crystalwing have decided as a group that the best way to teach is by experience.North of the city is a magical grove which plays host to the six dragons who make up the Circle of the Crystalwing. If you need more supplies, ask Matrum Geerlok for more. this made 18 Simple Springs w/ 2 fails Did all four of the Tinkering Quests at the Matrum Geerlok page, so can see it there...These dragons were responsible for the creation of the Drakkin, something done in an effort to protect all dragonkind from growing threats, particularly that of Venril Sathir, who was responsible for the recent curse upon the Nest. Or to save time just repeat this one three more times, changing it to different item to make and three things to combine in your toolbox...Type: City Continent: The Serpent's Spine Instanced: No Keyed: No Level Range: 1 - 20 ? You will be given a series of tasks that you can use to learn about the skill you are working on.Subject=Ever Quest Submission: Correction for Zone: Crescent Reach (431)&body= When you are ready, simply tell me that you are [ready to start] and I will assign you a task appropriate for your skill.' You say 'ready to start' You have been assigned the task 'Simple Spring for Creasent Reach'.with the release of the serpent's spine, crescent reach is a new starting city.

hope that helps, drago he sits in a wicker chair on the upper level of the second floor.

You also need to be careful traversing the rope bridges out where the dragons are.

If you are not careful, or if you lag/un-lag unexpectedly, you could run off the bridge or nearby platform and fall to your death, so please be careful.

I have heard that you can lag though the floor of the elevator and fall to your death.

I have also seen the occasional corpse at the bottom of the elevator.

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